Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Year 1 COMPLETED !!!


Alhamdulillah at last berjaya gak completed my first year as a medical student. Being a medical student for at least 4 years more to go was very hard. Jadual yg sgt packed, exam yg sgt susah... Mcm2 kerja nk kena buat ditambah college dgn faculty punya projek..
Frankly said, yes it was hard and i once said to myself.. How can i choose this field it's so tough mcm dah tak blh nk carry on daa. Perhaps i should change to other course i find that this is not me. But when time goes by, i feel like being a medical student is not really annoying. It's fun actually! Yeah there's a lot of work to be completed by time; PBL, MES, lecture notes berpuluh dgn berbelas pages nk kena cover... I think these are the challenges for choosing Perubatan as your first choice mse daftar upu hari tu. Yup, this is what i wanna be! I have to face this routine for 4 years more to be graduated as a great doctor. But dengar2 senior cakap, clinical years are more interesting and enjoyable dari theory class. I hope so!
I don't look the same like my other friends. I think they struggle too hard and i'm not. HAHA! Especially the girls! They are so hardworking! I cannot deny it u should see by yourself how enthusiastic they are! We boys love to celebrate birthdays, going out, watching movies, lepak dekat times square... Even though lusa nk end of module exam. HAHA! But this is how boys' life.. HEHE...
Dalam diam dah setahun da my pengajian. Just 4 years left insyaallah if no repeat year. HUHU.. I passed my final exam and i really did not expect it! HAHA! I believe this is His will and i'm very grateful.. I thought i will fail my musculoskeletal paper but i passed it! I passed all the modules! Alhamdulillah... I really hope i can be a better medical student in my next level. 2nd year is so tough! That's what my buddy said, as a junior we have to agree with them. Just nodding our head. HAHA! Ok la moga2 next year rezekiku lebih murah dan insyaallah dapat masuk clinical years kat HUKM... Tak sabar!!!


p/s : kps semua kwn2 aku yg kena reseat...korang jgn putus asa tau! teruskan usaha insyaallah korang akan berjaya gak! jgn putus2 berdoa agar dimudahkan urusan kali ni dan insyaallah kita jumpa kat DK1 tanggal 13 jun nanti yekk! Rindu korang! FIGHTING!!!!

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