Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Missing You @ KLIA

Jom layan flashmob oleh rakyat Malaysia kat KLIA. Rasanya cara ni adalah yg terbaik dan seronok utk menarik perhatian pelanggan atau pun orang ramai untuk mempromosikan sesuatu x kiralah apa pun. Syabas kpd semua yg telah menjayakan flashmob ni. memang mantap dan terbaik!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sarang Bi ^_^

pape pun diorg mmg nampak cute =)

Currently addicted to this series. Walaupun jalan cerita sgt slow & melo, tapi sebab ada Yoona semua nampak menarik haha. Thumbs up kat Yoona because her acting skills improved a lot compared to Cinderella Man. Kali ni dia berjaya bawa watak Yoon Hee dan Ha Na dgn sangat baik. Thumbs up jugak kat JGK dgn acting yg sgt3 hebat. Dia memang korean actor yg terbaik. Setiap emosi dan riak muka mmg kena. Sgt sesuai bawa watak Sun Ha dan Joon. Cerita ni still air lagi currently at episode 16.

bg aku Yoona kurg sesuai berlakon dgn dia...kurg chesmistry

Love Rain depicts a 1970s pure love and a love from the present day... at the same time. It shows how the offspring of a previously ill-fated couple, who met in the 1970s, managed to meet and fall in love.
The 1970's story-line follows the popular and musically-gifted art major In-Ha (Jang Keun Suk), who encounters a female student at his university, the beautiful, gentle and soft-spoken Yoon-Hee (Im Yoona), and finds himself enamoured having fallen for her in three seconds. After accidentally finding her diary and being too shy to return it, In-Ha learns more about Yoon-Hee and attempts to further their relationship, falling deeper in love with her. However as Yoon-Hee becomes included in In-Ha's friendship group, which includes fellow university students Dong-Wook, Chang-Mo, Hye-Jung and In-Sook, In-Ha discovers that his best friend Dong-Wook is also in love with Yoon-Hee and wants In-Ha's help in winning her heart. From there, the relationship between the two is pulled into trouble as In-Ha struggles with his loyalty to his friend and his love for Yoon-Hee, while Yoon-Hee struggles with pressure from her peers and Dong-Wook, and her disappointment in In-Ha for not expressing his feelings before she started dating Dong-Wook, whom she is only with in order to please everyone. Despite judgement from friends and the troubles plaguing their situation, the two continue to grow closer - but their relationship is strife with mishaps, misunderstandings and bad luck, ultimately ending in the two going their separate ways.
Many years later in the present day, Yoon-Hee's daughter, the energetic and cheerful Jung Hana (also played by Im Yoona) and In-Ha's photographer son Seo Joon (also played by Jang Keun-Suk) meet in Hokkaido, Japan. Despite their relationship starting on rocky ground, the two bickering and disagreeing, fate or coincidence continues to bring the two together. The drama also introduces Dong-Wook's son, Lee Sun Ho and the now middle-aged In-Ha and Yoon-Hee (now played by Jung Jin-Young and Lee Mi Sook respectively).

kecantikan n kecomelan Yoona mmg x leh disangkal lagi =)

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Memory Consolidation - myHIPP0

Something is really strange happen when you are starting to like somebody. Well I don't really experienced what "pepatah melayu" have said like "mandi tak basah", "makan tak kenyang" or even "tidur tak lena"... Instead I was really tired after my ward rounds these days that makes me really wanted to lay on my bed after my classes. But one thing I always experienced is kept thinking of her. 

Honestly, she always in my mind everyday. There will be certain times when suddenly my hippocampus and cortex starting to view her face on my sight. Although it only lasts for seconds but that makes her special in my eyes and memory. She already resided in my long term memory. I guess memory of her has already undergone memory consolidation and uses about perhaps 3-5% of my memory capabilities. That is why I kept remembering her and I believe this is not strange but i rather call it as special. 

Being an adult, it is very important to start planning my future. But as I am a student now, my responsibility should be studying and graduate as a medical doctor in three years time. However, I believed she has come to become a strong supporter and "pembakar semangat" for me to excel in my studies after my parents. There's no one in this world that can replace my mother but i think she could at least be like my mother. It is the Power of Allah. He's the one who give the feeling and He's the one who will make the decision. And I always believed everything that is planned for me is for my own good. He is the smartest. He is the most powerful. He is the best lawyer in the universe. "Doa" is the only weapon I have to ask for permission to have her as my special one. InsyaALLAH   

I am 21 and I am officially said that I LIKE YOU... 


Year 3, New Life


Alhamdulillah completed my registration at my new college, Kolej Tun Dr. Ismail (KTDI). Say goodbye to crowded Kuala Lumpur, now i'm at Cheras which is for me calmer and more quiet. And here at KTDI, i rarely heard noises from cars, lorries or buses. It's really quiet and peaceful here makes it very conducive for studying. Besides my college just behind and still in HUKM territory. So, it is easier for me to go to the wards even when i am receiving on calls at night. 

Now i started the Klinik Asas for 1 months. In this KA, we will be divided into four groups consisting about 61 people for each postings; MS3, Surgery, IM & O&G. We will change to each posting every week in a month time. My rotation would be MS3, IM, Surgery & O&G. This is the time when I have to learn all the basic things about the postings and sharpen my skills in history taking as well as physical examinations.

Cannot wait to go to the new complex at Beranang for my MS3 posting. Since it is new, my group would be the first batch to make researches there and I really hope I will get a new experience and fun in completing this posting for 7 weeks. =)   

Friday, May 11, 2012

Segala Puji-Pujian Pada-Mu ya ALLAH

berkat usaha, doa x putus2
Dia makbulkan hajatku ini
Maha Besar 
Maha Pemurah
Semuanya berlaku atas kehendak-Nya
Aku berjanji akan gunakan nikmat-Nya dgn sebaiknya
Ke arah menjadi future doctor yg berguna

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Pesan sahabatku

Q, jangan putus asa
Ada lagi 3 minggu je lagi x kan nak bazirkan yg da belajar dekat setahun utk 3 minggu je lagi
Ingat apa yg rep hari tu
Ingat janji kat diri sendiri, kat parents, kat member2 
n Allah x bebankan kita dgn something yg kita x mampu tanggung
n maybe ni persiapan kita nak masuk clinical years nanti
relax2, jgn putus asa sbb Allah x suka org putus asa
Allah x kan tolong kita kalau kita x tolong diri sendiri....

#sorry cik kachak aku dedahkan mesej pemberi inspirasi n semangat kau ni...aku simpan lagi msg ni until now utk naikkan semangat aku =)