Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Year 3, New Life


Alhamdulillah completed my registration at my new college, Kolej Tun Dr. Ismail (KTDI). Say goodbye to crowded Kuala Lumpur, now i'm at Cheras which is for me calmer and more quiet. And here at KTDI, i rarely heard noises from cars, lorries or buses. It's really quiet and peaceful here makes it very conducive for studying. Besides my college just behind and still in HUKM territory. So, it is easier for me to go to the wards even when i am receiving on calls at night. 

Now i started the Klinik Asas for 1 months. In this KA, we will be divided into four groups consisting about 61 people for each postings; MS3, Surgery, IM & O&G. We will change to each posting every week in a month time. My rotation would be MS3, IM, Surgery & O&G. This is the time when I have to learn all the basic things about the postings and sharpen my skills in history taking as well as physical examinations.

Cannot wait to go to the new complex at Beranang for my MS3 posting. Since it is new, my group would be the first batch to make researches there and I really hope I will get a new experience and fun in completing this posting for 7 weeks. =)   

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