Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Memory Consolidation - myHIPP0

Something is really strange happen when you are starting to like somebody. Well I don't really experienced what "pepatah melayu" have said like "mandi tak basah", "makan tak kenyang" or even "tidur tak lena"... Instead I was really tired after my ward rounds these days that makes me really wanted to lay on my bed after my classes. But one thing I always experienced is kept thinking of her. 

Honestly, she always in my mind everyday. There will be certain times when suddenly my hippocampus and cortex starting to view her face on my sight. Although it only lasts for seconds but that makes her special in my eyes and memory. She already resided in my long term memory. I guess memory of her has already undergone memory consolidation and uses about perhaps 3-5% of my memory capabilities. That is why I kept remembering her and I believe this is not strange but i rather call it as special. 

Being an adult, it is very important to start planning my future. But as I am a student now, my responsibility should be studying and graduate as a medical doctor in three years time. However, I believed she has come to become a strong supporter and "pembakar semangat" for me to excel in my studies after my parents. There's no one in this world that can replace my mother but i think she could at least be like my mother. It is the Power of Allah. He's the one who give the feeling and He's the one who will make the decision. And I always believed everything that is planned for me is for my own good. He is the smartest. He is the most powerful. He is the best lawyer in the universe. "Doa" is the only weapon I have to ask for permission to have her as my special one. InsyaALLAH   

I am 21 and I am officially said that I LIKE YOU... 


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